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International diversification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

International diversification - Essay Example The United States and the two European countries i.e. Germany and Poland. If we suppose that an investor from the UK diversifies his portfolio of investments in the stock market of these three international countries. The differences in the statistics shown in the Fig1 propose that the level of risk and return would certainly vary from country to country that will ensure maximum returns for investors.  International portfolio diversification is highly beneficial in a situation where the stock exchanges, economic condition and political environment of international countries are highly different from each other. Syriopoulos also says that â€Å"if returns from investments in different national stock markets are not perfectly correlated and the correlation structure is stable, there are potential gains from international portfolio diversification.† (2004, p1254) It is so because the diversification would not yield the desired results if the conditions and environment in intern ational countries vary in the same manner as in domestic economy. If the international countries included in the portfolio have an economic, political and investment environment that differs from that of the domestic environs, the international portfolio diversification will reap significant benefits.The Capital Asset Pricing Model is an effective tool for portfolio management. Because of the model’s efficiency in pricing assets, it is considered to be useful in evaluating risk and return on various assets in a given portfolio.... rnational portfolio diversification." (2004, p1254) It is so because the diversification would not yield the desired results if the conditions and environment in international countries vary in the same manner as in domestic economy. If the international countries included in the portfolio have an economic, political and investment environment that differs from that of the domestic environs, the international portfolio diversification will reap significant benefits. Question 2: The Capital Asset Pricing Model is an effective tool for portfolio management. Because of the model's efficiency in pricing assets, it is considered to be useful in evaluating risk and return on various assets in a given portfolio. The most significant usefulness of the CAPM in portfolio analysis is its effectiveness in illuminating the risk factor involved in a portfolio investment. Andre explores that "the CAPM tells us that investors pay a price for being undiversified in that they are taking risks for whic h they are not being compensated." (2004, p19) For un-diversifiable or systematic risk, this model uses Beta as a means to identify the rate of risk involved in investment. CAPM can thus be useful for investors in portfolio management by providing relevant information concerning the risk factor involved in a particular investment with respect to the whole market and also lead the investors to improve their portfolio. With the help of the Capital Asset Pricing Model, the investors can easily determine the required rate of return with respect to different assets in the portfolio according to their risk without any efforts to estimate revenues and cash flows. Andre illuminates that in order "to find the expected return of a company's shares, it is thus not necessary to carry out an

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Visor Hats - A Great Accessory For Kids

Visor Hats - A Great Accessory For KidsAs you are browsing the internet, your child might ask you to buy a visor hat that can have custom writing on it. This is an extremely great accessory for kids. These hats are designed in such a way that they can have the message printed on it can also have the logo of the company.Varsity cap is one of the few visor hats that can have custom writing. Varsity caps will also have the name of the school or college and the school mascot. Varsity caps can be found in a variety of designs and colors that will match with the school's color scheme. Varsity caps can also have the school emblem and the football team's name.College and secondary school caps are also very popular visor hats that can have custom writing. This is because these hats are worn by students who are older than the younger students. These hats can have the school logo on them as well as the logo of the student council. The school logo is usually the school colors in which there is a n intricate design that goes along with the school colors.The classic visor hat is one of the other great options for visor hats that can have custom writing. This hat is also very popular for wearing to parties. This is because it is quite attractive and it will fit any personality. It is not too big for any age group and it will still look pretty.The biggest advantage of purchasing a visor hat that can have custom writing is that it can keep the child's feet warm. A visor hat keeps the feet warm especially during cold weather. It can also give a cool air to the legs. Therefore, it will keep the feet warm and dry while the child is playing outside. They can play for long hours and still feel comfortable.Kids who want to find a visor hat that can have custom writing can go online and find a few options. These options can also include visor hats that are blue or gray. Visor hats that are purple can also be found online. These colors will give a much nicer look for the children's room .Visor hats that can have custom writing can be found online in a variety of colors and designs. You will be able to find a visor hat that fits your child's style as well as their personality.

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Top Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence Choices

Top Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence Choices What You Must Know About Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence Say what the goal of your essay is and give a concise overview. Descriptive essay is always the very best and favourite for practically any author. Writing a great persuasive essay is not a simple job, however, it's achievable. When you're writing an argumentative essay about domestic violence, it's crucial not to eliminate the plot. Make sure that your conclusion affirms the principal idea which you put on your title page. An excellent thesis statement is one which stays within a specific scope. Restate your thesis and provide an overview of the points you have argued on. Then you ought to write the very first draft. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence The third distinction is that the arguments. There exists a little chance which occasionally we'll lose out on the critical fine detail or even which you forget about to include things like the idea in your instruction during the order positioning plan of action. The very first point to keep in mind is to pick a topic that you're very much informed about and have a good deal of interest to run a thorough research over it. What you can do if you're in an abusive relationship. The Basic Facts of Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence And, the time that it took to gather all this to find prepared for a trip. All you have to do is to get a strong grasp on your language and you can any day think of a good work. You have to talk about an area. A helpful website for world order. Domestic violence is often connected with mistreatment of women. In most cases, it takes a very subtle form, especially at the onset. In many cases, it is not the only manifestation of the person's complicated psycho-emotional state. It is a serious issue that affects a large percentage of every society, no matter how wealthy the nation. With the aid of the evolution of program content to a superb level, the majority of the business organizations prefer to take services of Facebook as a way to promote their services and products. Therefore, the key reasons, which cause domestic violence, need to get discovered and preventive measures, dependent on such research data should be offered. Serious health problems have been linked with domestic violence. Defining psychological trauma, and the way to compose an extremely popular issues of superior sample about domestic violence. The Bizarre Secret of Argumentative Essay Topics on Domestic Violence There's, clearly, a limit on the variety of pages even our very best writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. After the arrival of introduction, the company world was benefited with social media means as a way to flourish their marketing and advertising activities and functions. You wi ll see plenty of data in your library, on the web, and in books and magazines. If you're in an abusive relationship or know a person who is, it's your responsible to use the many resources out there to be able to find help. It is possible to also acquire several discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. The organization used to give direct marketing to the customers throughout the world so as to make them aware with the internet platform that the business serves for general consumers together with the business consumers in order to give their services to an excellent level. It is recommended to look for the one which has a superior reputation and offers high-quality papers at inexpensive rates. The collection of topic is already done here. The other advertising strategy that's used by Facebook is to target the particular consumers that are in intense need of the services furnished by the corporation. There are a lot of social media-based services for business organizations to market their advertising activities. The company in its marketing and advertising efforts will want to enhance its customer acquisition so it can cover a bigger market share in the not too distant future and can win strong competitive edge over competitors. The company in its advertising strategies promote its usage not just for individual clients but also for the industrial purpose to be employed by other small business organizations to market and promote their goods in a thriving way (Facebook, 2014). Our tips will be beneficial for those wanting to compose outstanding domestic violence essays. There is additionally a rich helpful data along with themes related to this outstanding book together with the Burma Training Finance features a lo t more reading school assignment themes to think about. The outline of the whole work shall be pre-sketched so that when you get started writing, you ought not face any issue with the story line-up. It's the ideal essay scholarships 2016. The cost of an essay rides on the quantity of effort the writer has to exert. The writer should create a circumstance. Make sure to go over with your advisor.

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The Biggest Myth About Barbara Johnsons Essay Writing Exposed

The Biggest Myth About Barbara Johnson's Essay Writing Exposed The Good, the Bad and Barbara Johnson's Essay Writing To be able to realize that you're working with a crucial analysis, you've got to keep in mind that analysis means breaking down and studying of the parts. From the materials used, it's obvious that there are several rhetorical elements of the guide. Moreover, you also get points which will decrease the expense of the purchase. Numerous alternative logical structures for essays are visualized as diagrams, making them simple to implement or adapt in the building of an argument. All About Barbara Johnson's Essay Writing If you're still pleased with your decision, speak to the business and see if they're obtainable for your project and if they can fulfill your deadline. The academic help providers are prepared to help the students with 360-degree services. The most substantial portion of working with the very best assignment aid service is that your data is secur e and they're accountable for giving you a particular paper. So revisions are among the most wanted services from those using essay writing services due to the fact that they assure the user that nothing is beyond repair and that the service is actually attempting to help get the customer the ideal end result. Expository essay utilizes formal language to talk about someone or something. If you're not sure concerning the qualification of the specific author, you can inquire them via chat. A great thesis statement can definitely help leave a very good impression on the professor. You've got to reveal your critical thinking abilities and make judgments about the subject as you analyze a short article, so you're able to think of clear opinion and conclusions. Writers will not only be in a position to aid you with your expression and grammar, but in addition with the overall structure of your dissertation. Music can improve your focus. Works done by them may be applied as templates for any other future work you might have. Essay help writing services are really beneficial for students. Academic writing can be stressful and sometimes one could be confused on how to begin and the way to finish. In school, students may pick the main, but they're not always totally free to choose all the disciplines. Barbara Johnson's Essay Writing Secrets That No One Else Knows About You might be among the individuals who just don't have persistence for composing articles. The articles cover more on the subject of apostrophe encapsulating using lyric poetry in addressing the key contents of the literature. A site that claims to compose an ideal paper for you with the assistance of experts itself has a great deal of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Scholarly help is a somewhat tricky market where deception can be found all around the place. The business that provides plagiarized content may not be trusted. A whole lot of se rvices out there have pictures near their reviews. The second type can be discovered on several different review web websites. You should have the ability to request plagiarism report for more assurance. In the majority of cases if you develop into a customer you will receive bonuses later on. There'll dependably be somebody to reply to your inquiries or provide you with the help you require. It can be quite difficult, which means you should be permitted to use all of the help it is possible to get in any situation. There are two sorts of comments which you simply can check. Studying customer reviews can help you to understand how good the writers are. While writing reports, make certain that you narrate all the important transitional events in the proper order. If past customers are complaining of the writers then you need to run and search for a different service. The Barbara Johnson's Essay Writing Cover Up The time taken for the research work is dependent on the sor t of essay you're writing. If you don't need the writing service to do your whole dissertation that's best for you, you may always ask them to help you compose part of it, so that you may list down all of the relevant articles you found and ask them to write up the literature review part of your thesis. In order to pick out a superior essay writing service there are specific things you must consider. A financial essay can begin with a thesis, or it may begin with a theme. Likewise you must follow exactly the same theory in your essay. There's politics precisely since there is undecidability.

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Strategic Analysis for Deep Sea World (North Queensferry, Edinburgh) Essay - 1

Strategic Analysis for Deep Sea World (North Queensferry, Edinburgh) - Essay Example Alongside, the analysis also revealed that the company has to re-engineer its visitor experience that is over decade old in order to increase the number of visitors and market share in the UK leisure industry. The PEST analysis on the external factors influencing the business revealed that the company has to review its pricing policies and control costs in order to gain competitive advantage in the business. Furthermore, the analysis also revealed that the company meets most of the external factors like health and safety, etc making it evident that the company has a strong position in the target market and has strong future prospects for growth. Attractions for leisure and recreation in the UK are increasing in geometric progression as argued by Isla Gower (2004). The increase in the driving habits of the people in UK with the increasing demand for new attractions has increased the need for an innovative and customer focused approach to this business segment of the leisure industry. In this report a critical Strategic analysis on the Deep Sea World attraction of Edinburgh is presented to the reader. 1.1.1: Objective 1: The report comprises of the SWOT analysis of the organization identifying the areas where the company should focus for increasing its potential in the business. The SWOT analysis also facilitates the ability to identify the company’s current position in the market, which is essential to accomplish strategic decisions for the organization. 1.1.2: Objective 2: Alongside in order to identify the external factors influencing the business are analysed using the PEST analysis where the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors external to the business is presented to the reader. The aforementioned mission statement identified from the organization’s core strategies makes it clear that the company strives to

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Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development

Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development Gabriella Greyling Management Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development Table of Contents (Jump to) Introduction Background Understanding the Scorecard Compliance of the Advertising Industry in Cape Town Conclusion Bibliography Introduction In the case study, Duffett, van der Heever Bell argue that transformation within the advertising industry is vital due to the influence this sector has over social norms and trends (Duffett, van der Heever Bell, 2009). They further argue that the advertising industry in Cape Town has implemented BEE and is making progress in complying with the targets set out in the Codes, although admit that there are some challenges that may impact on success of the Codes to achieve transformation goals. Compliance with three of the seven elements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice of 2007 (â€Å"Codes†) (namely Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development) of the advertising industry in Cape Town, has been critically analysed using the 2009 study by Duffet, van der Heever and Bell. The study looks at factors that hinder or promote transformation in this industry, in relation to the B-BBEE Codes and applicable transformation charters. The advertising industry falls within the scope of the Marketing, Advertising and Communication (â€Å"MAC†) Transformation Charter, gazetted in terms of Section 12 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (â€Å"B-BBEE†) Act (Act No. 53 of 2003). Under Section 12, a transformation charter is not binding on the industry, unlike the Codes, which were gazetted in terms of Section 9(1) of the B-BBEE Act (B-BBEE Codes, 2007, p15). This is mentioned as one of the factors impeding success of transformation in the advertising industry, as it has created some confusion for scorecard preparation. Furthermore, at the time of conducting the study, SANAS had delayed the process of accrediting Verification Agencies to July 2008. This meant that many companies were performing self-assessments to determine their compliance in terms of the B-BBEE Codes in order to save money on costly verifications. Consequently, the results from the study may not be entirely reliable, but they ne vertheless form a useful basis to understand B-BBEE compliance in the advertising industry in Cape Town. Background The B-BBEE Act of 2003 was introduced as a model for growth for the South African economy. Encapsulated in this model is the notion that â€Å"no economy can grow while the majority of its population are excluded†. (Okharedia, 2014) The Codes, which were subsequently gazetted in 2007, provided a tool for measuring empowerment (and by implication, transformation) within a company, known as the ‘Scorecard’. Seven elements to this scorecard cover various forms of empowerment, known as direct empowerment (Equity Ownership and Management Control), human resource development (Employment Equity and Skills Development) and indirect empowerment (Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development). Specific targets are set for all entities, and these targets are weighted out of 100. Once the scores for each element are added up, they will result in a total number of points out of 100, which indicates the B-BBEE Status (Level 1 to 8) and Procurement Recognition Level (135% 0%). If a sector-specific code is issued in terms of Section 9(1) of the B-BBEE Act, it may have different targets and weightings to that of the Codes of Good Practice, which are applicable to that industry/sect or only). (B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, 2007, p15). Due to the focus on the Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development elements, the table that follows presents only these three (3) elements, rather than all seven (7). Understanding the Scorecard Table 1: the Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development scorecards B-BBEE Element Total Weighting Measurement Criteria (Indicator) Indicator Weighting Target (0-5) Target (6-10) Management Control 10 Exercisable Voting Rights of black Board members using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 3 50.0% 50.0% Black Executive Directors using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 2 50.0% 50.0% Black Senior Top Management using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 3 40.0% 40.0% Black Other Top Management using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 2 40.0% 40.0% Bonus points: Black Independent Non-Executive Board Members 1 40.0% 40.0% Employment Equity 15 Black disabled employees as a percentage of all employees using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 2 3.0% 3.0% Black employees in Senior Management as a percentage of all such employees using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 5 43.0% 60.0% Black employees in Middle Management as a percentage of all such employees using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 4 63.0% 75.0% Black employees in Junior Management as a percentage of all such employees using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 4 68.0% 80.0% Bonus points for meeting or exceeding the EAP targets in each category. 3 Exceed EAP targets Exceed EAP targets Skills Development 15 Skills Development expenditure on black employees as a percentage of Leviable Amount using the Adjusted recognition for Gender. 6 3.0% 3.0% Skills Development expenditure on black employees with disabilities as a percentage of Leviable Amount using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender. 3 0.3% 0.3% Number of black employees participating in In-service Training Programs as a percentage of total employees using the Adjusted Recognition for Gender 6 5.0% 5.0% As one can see from Table 1, each element is further split into sub-elements or indicators. Each indicator has a point weighting, and a target. We will be focusing on the target for years 0 to 5 (since the Codes came into effect in 2007, and the applicable case study was published in 2009, which is within the first 5 years of the Codes). The Management Control score card measures board participation of black people in general, and black females specifically. Additionally, participation by black people at Senior Top Management level and â€Å"Other Top Management† level is encouraged in this element of the Codes. Emphasis is also placed on participation of black Executive Directors. Participation of black women at board and top management level is further encouraged through the Adjusted Recognition for Gender (â€Å"ARG†) provisions of the Codes. This provision places a greater weighting on black women, by dividing the percentage of black people by 2, and then adding the percentage of black females. The enhancement does have a limitation, in that when adding back the black female percentage, this figure cannot exceed 50% of the target for that indicator (in other words, if the target is 40%, then one can add back a maximum of 20% to the total black percentage representation which had been divided by 2. Similarly, the Employment Equity and Skills Development score cards also utilise the ARG in order to encourage equality between men and women (black females should make up half the target of black people, which is also statistically feasible, as females constitute half of the population in South Africa (Commission for Employment Equity, 2013). The Employment Equity scorecard measures four areas of employment; Senior Management, Middle Management and Junior Management, as well as disabled employees, while Skills Development measures expenditure on skills training for black employees in general and black employees with disabilities specifically. It also measures the number of employees engaged in Learnerships (or Category B, C or D Learning Programs, as per the Learning Program matrix contained in Annexe 400A of Code 400) as a percentage of the company’s total staff compliment. Comparison of the Codes and MAC Transformation Charter Upon closer inspection of the targets contained in the Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development Scorecards of the MAC Transformation Charter and the Codes of Good Practice, the weightings are different, and the targets are phased in from 2006 to 2014 such that the 2014 targets match that of the Codes (or are higher than targets contained in the Codes); Points available under Board participation for the MAC Charter are 5, and targets will be phased in from 25% in 2006, to 50% in 2014 (whereas the Codes offer 3 points for 50% black board participation) The same target applies to Executive directors, Senior Top Management and Other Top Management under the MAC Charter set the target to 25% at first, increasing to 30% in 2009 and finally 50% in 2014 (which is higher than the Codes for Senior Top and Other Top Management targets of 40%, un-staggered) while the available points under the MAC charter are higher in all three categories (4 and 3 points available, instead of 3 and 2 respectively). The target for Independent Non-executives is lower under MAC at 30% (and is phased in from 10% in 2006), as opposed to 40%. Under Employment Equity, the MAC Charter imposes one target for Senior, Middle and Junior Management of 25% in 2006 gradually increasing to 60% in 2014, unlike the Codes, which indicate 2 phases of targets, for each level of management separately. The Skills Development element is more similar between the Codes and the MAC Charter, unlike the previous 2 elements, however, the total skills expenditure on black employees as a percentage of the Leviable Amount target phased in from 1% in 2006 to the full 3% (as per the Codes) by 2014. These different targets make MAC Charter slightly easier to comply with, in terms of absolute targets. Compliance of the Advertising Industry in Cape Town According to Duffet, van der Heever and Bell, the advertising industry in Cape Town reported an increase in black employees from 35.2% in 2004 to 40.2% in 2006. They further reported that black female employees increased from 21% in 2004 to 23.9% in 2006. With regard to management positions, there was a reported increase in black female managers, from 13.8% in 2004 to 17.7% in 2006. One of the challenges noted from the study, was that there was a shortage of skilled black Previously Disadvantaged People (â€Å"PDI†) leading up to 2008, particularly in the advertising industry. Further, the 2007 B-BBEE baseline study referred to in the study also reported a high turnover of black staff, further confirming the desire for black employees in the advertising industry to â€Å"job-hop†. This becomes costly, as companies try to offer comparative salaries to retain talent, not only in their company, but in Cape Town, since salaries are known to be higher in Johannesburg than in the Cape. Training programmes would need to be used to improve job satisfaction with the view that they may result in improved staff retention rates. It was reported that the advertising industry has come up with some innovative training and mentorship programs in order to address both skills and staff (Employment Equity/Management Control) requirements. A further challenge in relation to B-BBEE spoke to attitudes that companies had toward compliance. In one instance, it was noted that some larger companies were more focused on compliance with BEE regulations, than acting in the true spirit of BEE, and that in some instances dishonesty and deceptive practices were used to achieve better scores, as this can result in increased business. Despite concerns by white males who took part in the study, that they were effectively working themselves out of jobs by embracing B-BBEE, many viewed B-BBEE as an opportunity to engage with their target market. Rather than stifling out diversity, encouraging it could create further business opportunities, especially in terms of growing the target market (through job creation, but also through understanding the new emerging target market of empowered black South Africans, and being able to create purchasing desires that would stimulate the economy during a difficult global financial period). The risk faced by the advertising industry was losing their white employees if these employees felt prejudiced by the opportunities being afforded to black South Africans only. The only possible way for this to succeed would be through growth of the industry, in order to generate more revenues to pay all employees equitable and comparable salaries, regardless of race. These challenges can heavily impact the compliance of companies for the Management Control, Employment Equity and Skills Development elements; when B-BBEE is seen as a cost, the true potential envisioned in the objectives of B-BBEE is easily lost. It was however reported that over 80% of advertising agencies had utilised the services of B-BBEE verification agencies, despite the industry being in its infancy, and that a majority of these agencies had positive attitudes towards B-BBEE. This resulted in the advertising industry being ahead of the national B-BBEE status, in terms of their level of compliance achieved. However, compliance within the MAC Charter targets, which as previously discussed is not binding, and has lower, phased-in targets than the Codes, may have led to these higher status levels. Conclusion Due to the uncertainties existing in the B-BBEE verification and compliance sphere at the time of the study, it is difficult to assess whether or not meaningful transformation had taken place. Despite this, there are indications of compliance by the advertising industry in Cape Town. While the industry was mostly self-regulated, around 80% of agencies confirmed they had engaged with Verification Agencies to confirm their B-BBEE credentials. Standardising and formalising the verification process may result in greater compliance, along with the imposition of penalties for misrepresenting information in order to achieve a favourable score. As stated by the authors of the study, â€Å"The ratio of success to failure in BEE is determined on a daily basis† (Duffett, van der Heever Bell, 2009; 109). Regular monitoring is required to continuously assess compliance with the Codes, and to evaluate transformation achievements as a result of B-BBEE. Even with the wrong intentions, B-BBEE can promote changes and improvements in the lives of previously disadvantaged individuals. However, true success for B-BBEE would be to bring about meaningful improvements in the lives of all South Africans, rather than a select few. Bibliography R.G. Duffett, I.C. Van der Heever D. Bell. 2009. ‘Black economic empowerment progress in the advertising industry in Cape Town: Challenges and benefits’, Southern African Business Review, 13(3): 86-118. South Africa, Department of Trade and Industry. 2003. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 2003, No. 25899, Government Gazette Volume 463. Pretoria: Government Printers. South Africa, Department of Trade and Industry. 2007.Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice,No.29617, Government Gazette Volume500,Section 9(1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice Act 53 of 2003.Pretoria: Government Printers. South Africa, Department of Trade and Industry. 2008. Marketing, Advertising and Communication Sector Transformation Charter, No. 31371, Government Gazette Volume 518, Section 12 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 2003. Pretoria: Government Printers. Okharedia, A.A.. 2014. ‘B-BBEE Legislative and Strategic Framework’ [PowerPoint Presentation] 10 March. UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership. Midrand, Gauteng. South Africa, Department of Labour. 2013. Commission for Employment Equity; Annual Report 2012-2013, Pretoria: Government Printers. Available at> [Accessed 25 March 2014]

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Goal Statement Essay

I felt my scores were mostly accurate in rating how I feel about communicating because I am not a real shy in communicating with others, so I could get up and talk, if I am prepared. Three specific public speaking goals I want to achieve during the term are; listening speaking and confidence. The goals may prove rewarding for me both professionally and personally because no matter what you do professionally you will always have to listen to somebody either co-workers or clients. You have to actually understand them. Listen to what they have to say, questions they may have listening is very much needed. Now speaking you will always have to talk with others or interact with people in any professional job the way you speak to others is how they will respond to you. And last is confidence, confidence is also needed if your profession is banking you have to have confidence when talking to people. You have to act like it’s your best friend you’re talking to, have confidence in the way you speak. Now personally you need listening either to listen to your kids or family. Speaking is important also if your family is having problems if they come to you, you need to know how to speak to them properly. You need to have confidence personally to help you go through life people with try to bring you down and you will need to have the confidence to just ignore them and keep your head held high. My dream job would have to be a registered nurse, and they provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. They work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, and nursing care facilities. The can also work in correctional facilities, schools, summer camps, and with military. Sharpened communicating skills will prove rewarding to my career because they do a lot of talking with people, like setting up plans for patients’ care, consult with doctors and other healthcare professionals, teach patients and their families how to manage their illnesses or injuries. it will help me talk with my co-workers and patients because nurses will always be talking or interacting with people. You have to be able to walk up to them with confidence and say exactly what needs to be said. Most people think nursing is just talking blood and giving shots. There’s a lot more if you cannot talk to people you will have a rough time in nursing. So communication skills are very important in my dream job. This course will help me achieve my communication goals in many ways. It will hopefully help me learn to listen and learn how to take things in and actually listen to them not just in one ear out the other. May also help me learn how to speak in front of others and not be so nerve-racking. And last help me have confidence in general. I expect my peers to encourage me when I do have to get in front of them to talk, not to bring me down. And what I expect from my instructor is to tell me what I am doing wrong, what I need to improve and last expect him to help me achieve my goals. And help me do a lot better with all of the bad communication skills I have.